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Welcome, Mama!

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Hi there

Moms need to know they aren't alone, and that they can find hope, joy, and Jesus in the middle of this messy and beautiful calling.  -Ashlee Kasten

I’m a mom of 4 kittens, and wife to Mr Purrfect. As a stay at home mama, you can find me drowning under piles of laundry, slaving away in the kitchen, or hiding in my closet, where my children can’t find me, eating the last bar of chocolate. 


I could not be more thrilled that you are here at The Purpose of Motherhood! This ministry was birthed within my heart during the Spring of 2019, all while running a business, writing a book, homeschooling, and taking on new roles of ministry in our church. My plate was full, but my heart was burning for something more. I knew this feeling well as I have experienced it many times before in my walk with the Lord. God was about to come and rearrange my schedule, plans, and passions so that I could pursue His call. 


And He did. In a big way. 


I followed his lead, completely laying down my business, walking away from a team of amazing women, financial provision, and the plan for future endeavors, but also trusting that he would provide and knowing that His will is always greater than mine. Though the decision was difficult, as soon as I obeyed, He gave me vision for His kingdom purpose for my life, including a ministry for moms feeling discouraged, exhausted, drained, and in need of a breath of life. That my friends, is The Purpose of Motherhood. 


There are BIG plans ahead for this ministry ahead, so stick around! I pray and trust that the Lord will use this to encourage, educate, and inspire you to be able to mother with heavenly purpose and strength, so that your days are a blessing, not a burden. 


Praying over you sweet mama! 



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