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Resources Just For You, Mama!



Let’s be honest, moms: we’re tired. Tired of the tantrums. Tired of the endless piles of laundry. Tired of the mommy-guilt.

It’s time for a refresh.

In Lessons I Found in the Laundry Basket, Ashlee Kasten shares the raw, hilarious, and inspiring travails of motherhood that shaped her into the woman she is today. Follow along as she breaks down the Biblical truths which enabled her to cast off the guilt, fear, and insecurities she had been carrying on her back (along with her three children, of course!).


As you dive into her real-life escapades and the truths and principles she uncovered, you will discover:

How to finally say goodbye to the burdens mothers carry, including fear, loneliness, insecurities, comparison, guilt, and more.

• How to embrace the mom you were created to be while finding joy, defining purpose, and walking in renewed strength and vision.

• How specific spiritual disciplines can open up an endless supply of fresh instruction, hope, and water for your weary soul.

Lessons I Found in the Laundry Basket is like that desperately-needed phone call with a best friend; it will leave you feeling loved, encouraged, validated, and ready to jump back into the day as a better mom!

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