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One Prayer for Millions of Lives

With just one word a name in the heavens is birthed into human form.

With the breath off His tongue marrow, flesh, and bones join together in a perfectly choreographed dance, forming a uniquely created being.

Every cell rapidly develops in great anticipation for the moment of the miraculous. As a small embryo begins a journey to becoming a tiny human, loved, adored, held, and nourished, all angels in heaven pause as the great event arrives.




In an instant a small, fragile heart begins to beat. Blood flows through microscopic veins in a monumental display of praise to the God of all creation, and all of heaven joins in praise.

From conception, each person is uniquely made and intensely loved.

For this reason I can not keep silent.

I can no longer ignore the cries of the unborn and the cries of the grieving mother, left alone to deal with the broken pieces after being sold a lied.

Do I believe in women’s rights? Absolutely.

I believe in a woman’s right to know how precious she is to her loving creator.

I believe in her right to know her worth and value, despite what lies the enemy has told her.

I believe in her right to see this tiny heart beat and to hear of the outrageous love and magnificent plan the God of the universe has for this little life.

I believe in her right to know her purpose in this tiny life’s story.

I believe in her right to be educated on the life-giving options she has outside of abortion.

I believe in her right to experience freedom from the crippling grip of fear, shame, guilt, or trauma.

I believe that those who have been through the pain of abortion have a right to encounter the healing, redeeming love of the savior, and to be embraced with open arms. Allowed to grieve. Allowed to be heard. Allowed to speak without condemnation.

We can no longer stand with our backs turned to the largest massacre taking place in our nation. It’s estimated that 2,362 babies are aborted daily in the US alone, not including chemical abortions which account for another estimated 14 million per year.

So today I will hit my knees and pray for a change. I will pray for victory for the unborn and healing for the mothers. I will pray for hearts to be softened, warriors to rise up, and the plans of the enemy to be defeated.

There are too many lives being affected by this worldwide tragedy. The broken-hearted mothers need us to embrace them. The unborn need us to be their voice. God needs his prayer warriors to pray and declare His will.

Will you join me in this prayer? Join the movement on Facebook.

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