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Have You Lost Sight of Your Promise, Mama?

Recommended Reading - Matthew 2

Have you ever held on to a promise, a dream, or a God-given calling for so long, that at some point, it feels unattainable, inevitably causing you to lose sight of the very thing that was once burning vivaciously within your spirit? Maybe it's healing for your child, a new career for yourself, or financial breakthrough.

I have a dear friend whose story was once much like a portrait of wandering through life with a lost dream. Halle and her husband, Ben, had been married for seven years. They were the picture of happiness. Both successful in their careers, diving into their callings in ministry, and living a life full of warm meals spent with close friends and family. However, it seemed that no matter where they went, they were haunted by the four words of the dreaded question, “Do you want kids?”

Halle and Ben had been trying to get pregnant since their honeymoon. They longed to be parents with everything in them. They had been prayed over numerous times, and had proclaimed scripture after scripture. The truth is, after seven years of holding on to a vision God placed in their hearts, they no longer saw it’s radiance. There was no longer a brilliant light, pulling them towards the finish line, and urging them to keep pressing on. All they saw was an endless road of darkness. How much longer would the pain continue? How many more negative tests would they toss into the trash, as their hearts shattered on the floor? How many more nights would be spent with tear soaked pillows and cries out to the Lord?

At the end of their faith, ready to give-up, it was then that this couple visited a new church, in which there just happened to be countless miracle babies and stories of barrenness being broken. Upon hearing the stories, and seeing the miracles cradled in the arms of faith-filled parents, hand-in-hand, Ben and Halle walked out of church that day with renewed hope and strength. The road ahead was no longer a dark chasm void of all light, but a paved road full of illuminating promise and joy.

They had regained vision of the star. They had regained vision of the long-awaited promise.

Just one year later, standing in the living room of their apartment, Ben and Halle held a positive pregnancy test in their shaking hands, while dropping to their knees and praising the God of miracles.

Do you know the Biblical story of the wise men who traveled to see the young Christ child? Well believe it or not, they found themselves in a very similar situation. In Matthew 2, we read that the Magi came to Jerusalem asking, “Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star in the east and have come to worship him.”

Wait a minute, if the wise men had a star to follow, why did they need to stop and ask for direction? Truth is, they literally lost sight of the promise, just as many of us do in our own lives. It wasn’t until they left King Herod’s presence that they regained their view of the glorious star and were able to follow it to the birthplace of Christ.

Imagine their elation as they grasped hold, once again, to the tangible evidence of the awaiting miracle. Matthew 2:10 says. “When they saw the star, they were overjoyed.”

What promise have you lost sight of in your own life, mama? What calling has been burning in your heart for years, but seems as a distant dream? What healing have you been praying for that still hasn’t arrived, tempting you to turn your back on your faith in the Great Physician? What promise is at the end of your grasp, as you begin to slowly let it go, no longer believing it is in God’s will?

If you have lost sight of the star, you are not alone. Even the Magi, knowing the prophecies and having extensive training in the markings of the sky lost their view of the promise. But we can learn something from these very wise men. Even in the darkness, even in the long journey, even in a world full of unbelievers and deceivers, they never stopped. They kept pursuing, kept believing, kept traveling.

Today ask the Lord to renew your vision of what was once burning in your heart, but has slowly faded away. Ask Him to restore your strength and grant you an unexplainable joy and anticipation as you put back on your sandals and begin walking towards His promise, once again. Today, ask Him to set your eyes back upon His star.

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Thank you, that was an amazing post. I feel I lost sight and God is telling me not to be complacent.

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